West Walker Steel purchases all types of steel and metal. We buy ferrous and nonferrous metals but our focus is on carbon coils. We purchase carbon steel primarily, cold roll, hot roll, hot roll pickled and oiled, aluminized, galvanized, galvannealed, electrogalvanized. While we primarily buy flat roll material (master coils, narrow coils, sheets, and plate). We will buy any material that is deemed prime, excess, aged, obsolete, nonprime/secondary, damaged, etc.

Our customers come to us looking for a type of material we can either product "as is" in coil or sheet from or slit to size, cut-to-length, or anything else the customer may have a special need for.


At West Walker Steel, we source prime steel. This unrelenting dedication manifests in the products we source, the way each one is processed, and the manner in which they're deployed.

Prime Quality - Whether cold rolled, hot rolled, or coated, every steel product we source meets a prime standard. Nothing less. No exceptions.

Steel Brokering

Brokering steel includes working in the world of commodities trading, West Walker Steel operations include developing good working relationships with the clients that can take advantage of our mill direct relationships/resources.

Secondary Steel

Secondary steel is ideal for applications that don't require the stringent quality controls that prime metal does. A few dings or aesthetic flaws don't matter when your material is getting painted or coated or going to a non-critical or non-visible application - and even if your application is visible, these minor imperfections may be fixable.

Some non-prime steel is of high quality, but it may not have been used or inspected, and lacking the credentials of prime steel, it gets labeled as sub-prime or less-than-prime.

Excess Prime Steel

Excess, or surplus, steel is simply that - steel that is leftover for various reasons but is otherwise perfectly usable and possibly even of high quality. Excess steel may be obtained because it was over-ordered, it may have been miscut or cut into non-standard dimensions, an order or project was canceled, a product was rejected, it became available after a business or location closure, or it was simply overstocked.